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Vertos Ltd’s Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment
Valid from 12.02.2019


Heimgart.fi is a marketplace for Vertos Ltd (company number: 2528339-3). These terms and conditions apply to the trading relationship between Vertos Ltd and its customers. Vertos Ltd has the right to update these terms and conditions without prior notice. Orders are subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time of order, which are available on Vertos Ltd’s website https://www.heimgart.fi.

Vertos Ltd is not liable for damage caused by force majeure. An unforeseeable circumstance or a change in circumstances beyond the control of Vertos Ltd is considered an overwhelming obstacle. Vertos Ltd is obliged to notify the customer of force majeure without delay.

Customer and privacy

Vertos Ltd welcomes all private and corporate customers. The trade relationship is governed by applicable Finnish and EU legislation on consumer trade, marketing and advertising. The commercial agreement between Corporate Customers and Vertos Ltd primarily follows these terms and conditions and other parts of the Finnish Trade Act.

The Customer is obliged to disclose his / her full contact information, which includes at least the name, address and telephone number of the Customer and possibly an Email address. The information required from corporate customers is the name of the contact person, telephone number and email, and the business ID-number, postal address, telephone number or numbers, and billing address if applicable.

Customer information is stored in Vertos Ltd’s customer register, where the information is used to maintain the customer relationship. In addition, Vertos Ltd has the right to process and disclose the information in the register for legitimate purposes (such as direct marketing) in accordance with the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/99).

In addition, the Privacy Statement in accordance with the Finnish Privacy Act is available at Vertos Ltd, Keski-Kaari 18, 70420 Kuopio. You may prohibit the use and processing of your information for marketing purposes and contact us by contacting Vertos Ltd’s customer service. Contacts must be made in writing and submitted to: Vertos Ltd, Keski-Kaari 18, 70420 Kuopio. Learn more in the privacy statement.

After the purchase, the customer can be sent a product evaluation invitation when an email address has been added to the order. Answering a call is optional. The invitation contains only products that the customer has already purchased. Customer’s contact information is not publicly displayed during the review. Vertos Ltd uses information collected through reviews to develop customer experience, product range and services.

Cookies are used on the Heimgart.fi website to further improve the user-friendliness of the site. On the Heimgart.fi website, the purpose of cookies is to facilitate, improve and speed up the business experience. Cookies can also be used to provide better customer offers and more personalized product recommendations. A cookie is a small text file that a Heimgart web server stores on a user’s hard drive. Some of the content on the Heimgat.fi site may require the acceptance of cookies to work. The user’s web browser is likely to accept cookies with the default settings, but the user can also prevent the use of cookies in the browser settings or remove cookies from the browser after the service is used. For more information on browser-specific instructions, see the browser manufacturer’s documentation.

Price list

Prices include VAT, but not shipping, unless otherwise stated. If there are obvious price errors in the price list, the product will not be sold at a significantly lower price if it can be assumed that the customer understands the error.

Delivery time estimates are based on information provided by shipping companies. Vertos Ltd or its suppliers are not responsible for any delays caused by unpredictable changes outside their sphere of influence.

Vertos Ltd reserves the right to restrict the sale of products in exceptionally large lots.

How to order

Products are ordered in the heimgart.fi online shop by transferring them to the shopping cart and paying for the shopping cart content at the online store. All customer information is treated confidentially. Contact information requested in connection with the order is not used for the delivery of the order or for clarification of any ambiguity in the order. When ordering from an online store, you are required to familiarize yourself with the current terms of delivery.


Payments in the Heimgart-webshop are carried out by Checkout Finland Oy (business ID 2196606-6) in cooperation with banks and credit institutions. Checkout Finland Oy is part of OP Group. Use of the service does not require registration or additional fees. Checkout Finland Oy has a payment institution license issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority. All data transfer and money transactions are SSL protected, so no one can see your data.

The Checkout payment service delivers your payment to the merchant. If you have Checkout Finland Oy on your bank statement or credit card bill, we have forwarded your payment.

The online shop acts as a marketer for products and services and as a supplier of products to the customer. The e-commerce takes care of the trade-related statutory and other self-defined obligations. If you want to advertise or return a product, you should contact the online store where the product was ordered.

Check out the payment details for the Checkout service here.

Bank Payments

You have access to payment buttons from all Finnish banks. You can pay with the payment buttons of Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästöpankki, Osuuspankki, POP-pankkin, Säästöpankki, S-pankki ja Ålandsbanken. As your payee, Checkout Finland Oy will appear as your payee, we will pass your payment on to the online merchant. From the online store, you are directed directly to your bank to make a secure payment.

Checkout Finland also offers the opportunity to pay with a bank transfer form.

Credit card payments

You can pay online at Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Debit MasterCard and American Express. The online shop uses Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and American Express SafeKey authentication services.

Checkout is shown as a payee on a card invoice and passes the payment card payment made by the customer directly to the merchant. Card payment is done securely on a secure payment form and the payment card information is not stored in e-commerce systems.

Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment Pivo, MobilePay, Masterpass, and Siirto are application-based services that allow you to pay for online purchases from your account or card card by accepting a payment in that application. In addition, Pivo is successful in transfer payments, so you can accept a payment in any application that supports Transfer.

The terms of use are available on Pivo’s website: pivo.fi/company/privacy/conditions

Payment terms are available on MobilePay’s website: mobilepay.fi/asiakastuki/conditions

  Payment terms are available on Masterpass: masterpass.com/assets/pdf/masterpassoperatingrules.pdf


Conditions applicable to Siirto charges:
OP General Euro Payment Terms
Terms of use of Siirto service at Nordea
Terms of use of Siirto service at S-Bank



The service is based on the use of 060605 payment service numbers. Payment is made by calling the payment service number and following the voice announcements.

The price of the service is specific to the service number and includes the price of the product and the invoicing fee related to the service. In addition to the price of the service, the customer pays the normal mobile charge according to the pricing of its own mobile operator. GSM payment purchases are charged to the user’s telephone bill.

  • Restrictions on the use of the service / mobile subscription:
  • Single purchase up to € 52.32 (incl. VAT)
  • Monthly shopping up to € 100 (incl. VAT)
  • Up to two purchases per day
  • Not working with prepaid subscriptions

More information: aina.fi

Invoice and installment services

Invoice and installment services through Checkout are provided by OP, Collector, Jousto and Mash (formerly Euroloan). Collector also offers invoice and installment options for corporate customers.

Please read the more detailed terms of the finance company that you see when you accept the payment. By accepting the payment, you agree to the terms of the financial company.

Collector’s terms and conditions are also available on their website: collector.se/upload/Partners/Agreements/CHECK/Credit_terms_All_comp_FI.pdf

Here are the terms and conditions of the OP invoice and installment payment method.

Learn more about invoicing and payment methods:



Vertos Ltd offers a comprehensive range of transportation. For more information on delivery formats and their service content, please visit our website. The Heimgart.fi shopping cart automatically takes into consideration the transport offers. Individual order products can be shipped in multiple shipments.

An attempt is made to process the finished order within 48 hours after receiving it. Pre-order means an order for which all products are in our stock and reserved for the order, and the order payment method is accepted.

Vertos Ltd is not obligated to reserve other products of the same order to the customer if the availability of one product is poor or its delivery is delayed for reasons beyond the control of Vertos Ltd. Alternatively, the consumer may accept the delayed delivery of the product or the cancellation of the order. Post-delivery postage will normally be charged according to the valid price list. The ordered products will be reserved for a maximum of 7 days, after which the order will be canceled unless the customer has agreed to post delivery in accordance with the terms of Vertos Ltd.


Vertos Ltd offers its customers a 14-day return policy for unopened products. Products can be returned by mail with free customer return. Vertos Ltd is responsible for return costs when the return has been made in accordance with its instructions via the Post Customer Return Service. Before returning, you must contact our customer service.

We ask that you keep all customer return documents carefully until you have received a receipt from Vertos Ltd.

Restrictions on the right of return are governed by Chapter 6, Section 16 of the Consumer Protection Act: Sealed products have no right of return when the product packaging is opened. Hygiene and food products do not have the right to return after opening the package because the product is non-returnable due to its nature. Examples of hygiene and food products are Heimgart seed pads.

Returnable products should be packed carefully.

Warranty, support, and liability

The warranty is subject to the warranty conditions specified by the manufacturer. You must familiarize yourself with the product’s warranty terms before using the product. The warranty terms can be found in the operating instructions, a separate warranty form or the manufacturer’s network address. As a rule, the warranty covers only manufacturing and material defects in the product. The warranty period is specified in the product information.

Vertos Ltd is responsible for the legal liability for defective products when the product warranty has expired or no guarantee has been given. For more information, please contact us at customer  customservice@heimgart.fi.

If necessary, Vertos Ltd provides further instructions for recycling the product.


The Customer is obliged to present a proof of purchase, receipt or other proof of the place and time of purchase at the time of return or in the event of a defect in the goods. Vertos Ltd reserves the right to charge the purchaser for the costs of the receipt of the receipt.

Complaints are handled only in writing. A free-form complaint may be submitted either by email to customerservice@heimgart.fi or by letter to Vertos Ltd, Keski-Kaari 18, 70420 Kuopio.

Settlement of Disputes and Court of Jurisdiction: The Consumer Customer has the right to settle disputes arising from this Agreement with the Consumer Disputes Board (www.kuluttajariita.fi). Before bringing the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer must be contacted by the Consumer Advisory Service (www.kuluttajaneuvonta.fi). The Customer may bring an action for settlement of disputes arising from the debt relationship against Vertos Ltd either in the District Court of Vertos Ltd’s domicile or in the District Court of its locality in Finland where he has his domicile. If the Customer has no domicile in Finland, the disputes will be handled in the District Court of Vertos Ltd’s domicile.

Attorney costs are not reimbursed as the Consumer Advice and Consumer Disputes Board offers free assistance in resolving disputes.

Additional Terms for Business Customers (B2B)

Corporate customers have the opportunity to apply for invoicing customers-status through our business sales. For more information, please contact us at customerservice@heimgart.fi or by phone +358 44 779 55 55.

Vertos Ltd is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss, damage or loss of revenue caused by the product and / or service. Vertos Ltd’s liability is always limited to the content of these terms and conditions. Product defect liability is limited to the possible return of the purchase price less the benefit of the use.

The warranty period for a product purchased for business use is determined by the manufacturer’s warranty terms, and the end of the warranty period will terminate the liability of Vertos Ltd.

Vertos Ltd is not obliged to perform the contract if it faces a force majeure which it cannot reasonably overcome. Vertos Ltd is not obligated to compensate the customer for any damage or costs caused by force majeure and is entitled to terminate the contract.

When submitting the order and / or the invitation to tender, the customer unquestionably accepts the terms and conditions of Vertos Ltd. Any contract terms used by the customer will not be complied with if they conflict with Vertos Ltd’s terms of contract.

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