Do you have questions? Here we have a list of the frequently asked questions.

How much are the shipping costs?

Postitus- ja pakkauskulut Suomeen ovat 6,90€ (helmikuu 2019) yhdelle aloituspakkaukselle. Verkkokauppamme ilmoittaa toimituskulut, kun olet valinnut tuotteet ja antanut tilauskaavaakkeessa postinumerosi.
Postitus- ja pakkauskulut Ruotsiin ja Viroon ovat alkaen 13,00€ (helmikuu 2019).

Voimassa olevat toimituskulut ovat aina näkyvillä ennen tilauksen lähettämistä.

How many seed pads are in one seed pad bag?

Each seed pad bag contains one seed pad and one cover. To fill Heimgart up completely, you need two seed pad bags.

How many seed pads are in a Heimgart seed pad set?

A microgreens seed pad set comprises six Heimgart seed pads. The sets are either single-variety, for example 6 x garden cress, or available as a mixed set. The mixed set consists of one of each of the six varieties.

What varieties of microgreens are available with Heimgart?

At the moment we offer six microgreens varieties: radish, garden cress, red cabbage, mustard, rocket lettuce and broccoli. But we are already planning to offer more varieties. .

Is the white fluff between the microgreens mould?

The white fluff between the sprouting plants is what is known as fibrous roots or root hairs. There is no reason to worry. It is just a sign that the sprouting process is in full swing.

Why must the seed pads be covered with the growing covers for the first few days?

Our seeds sprout in the dark and must be protected from light early on, otherwise the sprouting process will not start.

Do I have to water the seed pads again?

After inserting the seed pads initially you don’t have to worry about anything else, that first time you water them is plenty.

Kasvavatko miniversot leikkaamisen jälkeen uudelleen?

Eivät kasva, miniverso ei kasva uudelleen.
Kun kaikki miniversot on leikattu pois, voit hävittää tyhjän siementyynyn kompostoimalla tai biojäteastiassa.

How do I dispose of the seed pads after harvesting?

Simply add to your compost or throw in the organic waste bin.

More questions and answers?

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